Tools for Social Commerce.

Social Commerce drives immediate transactions through social media. To do this, we need to make sure that our social media ads, organic content, and in-platform stores are completely shoppable. Our Social Commerce tools therefore focus on creating shoppability, ensuring that customers can move seamlessly from browsing to purchase. We leverage both third-party partnerships and our own proprietary tools.

Social Commerce Audit.

Our Social Commerce strategies will usually begin with a complete Social Commerce Audit.


This audit has been developed to assess how well a brand’s use of social media is geared toward driving transactions. It encompasses the entire social media ecosystem, going beyond simply paid social – this includes organic content, product pins, social media shops, influencer integration, augmented reality, live commerce, and more.

By assessing all factors, we can pinpoint the main frictions and key opportunities to create those serendipitous moments when people find products we know they’ll love. It is also tailored to each social media platform and is updated regularly by our global craft experts to keep up with the fast-paced nature of social media.

Feed Audit.

Within our Social Commerce audit, we have a standalone module on feed auditing. Feeds are instrumental to social commerce performance. A feed is required to power all shoppable elements including shoppable ads, organic tagged products, and in-platform stores. To maximize the performance of your feed-based activity, we assess the hygiene and quality of your current setup.

The audit reviews elements such as:

  • Titles & Descriptions to incorporate important features and KSPs to attract engagement
  • Imagery and videos to create rich and engaging experiences
  • Product info to maximize the information users can ascertain about your products
  • Custom attributes, which allow us to incorporate sales data such as stock, bestsellers, sale items, and even margin, with which we can optimize to smarter metrics than ROI alone.

bGenius Feed Management.

Given the importance of feeds to your Social Commerce activity, we also have the proprietary tech to drive our fully managed feed service. This enables us to optimize your feeds to market-leading standards, no matter the social platform.

Within this, our tools facilitate:

  • Dynamic Product Ad Optimisation: For products to serve in ads across social platforms, feeds must be optimized to maximum hygiene. Our DPA optimization tools allow us to identify any issues and seamlessly edit the feed to overcome them.
  • Social Stories Optimization: Social Store PDPs are fuelled by the information in your feed. Our management tool allows us to dive into key product information such as titles, descriptions, delivery info, product attributes, imagery, and more to optimize toward store conversion.
  • Dynamic Content Optimization: bGenius can fuel your DCO strategy for social commerce. It allows us to map products to customer segments and pass this information to each social platform. This enables brands to show the right product, to the right person, at the right time.

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