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Running marketplace and eRetail activity can be more complex than most other channels. It requires us to spread our attention across dynamic and ever-changing retail media landscapes. Our toolkits, therefore, look to make marketing in this space simpler, connecting data and facilitating decisions about where best to invest our time and budget to generate the maximum return.

Our Process.

We start by analyzing third-party technology to find a suite that best suits your business goals and supports them with our own first-party tech to accelerate your marketplace and eRetail performance.

Marketplace Proficiency Audit.

Our marketplace proficiency audit allows us to evaluate your current performance across multiple retailers, including Amazon, Walmart, and more. Within this, we look at media, product detail pages (PDPs) and store content, SEO, and retail readiness, to give a score and actionable objective plan to accelerate your sales. Our marketplace proficiency audit provides a data-driven foundation from which to build out marketplace strategies. This ensures we identify key frictions in your existing setup, allowing us to gear time and budget toward priority areas that will have the highest impact.

PDP Content Audit.

Within our Marketplace proficiency audit, we have built out a robust module to audit the strength of your PDPs. PDPs are vital to the commercial success of your marketplace and eRetail efforts, notably algorithmic retailers such as Amazon. Here, not only does quality content drive customer flow from product evaluation through to purchase, but it also powers your organic rankings. Our audit, therefore, approaches PDPs from multiple angles to highlight the optimizations that will have the greatest impact on your overall sales, both through improved UX and SEO excellence.


OBJECTiV audits retailers to give an unbiased view of which retailers best fit your brand’s needs. The output is used for planning, forecasting, and JBP negotiations.


When it comes to the performance of your products across marketplaces and eRetail sites, your reviews are crucial. Today, consumers look to peer reviews to influence their buying decisions. Successful brands know how to harness reviews to get a better picture of how people feel about their products. This can inform marketing optimization alongside future product development, and that’s why we built Topic.

Topic ingests review data from across the web to analyze review themes, compare perception to that of your competitors, and audit customer sentiment.

Chargeback Protector.

Chargeback fees are often a hidden cost for brands when selling online. Our team analyzes these fees to determine which haven’t gone through the dispute process to recover charges.

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