Tools & Partners.

We pick the right solution on a client by client basis, rather than forcing our clients to use specific tools, selecting the best option from our proprietary tools and third party partners. Many of our tools are wrapped up into our Commerce Flow Audit, which is the starting point for most of clients.

Tools That Serve

Marketplaces, eRetail and Amazon.

Our Amazon toolkit helps brands extract a deeper insight than they might be able to on their own, unlocking the true potential of the platform. Our tools include the proprietary Amazon Proficiency Audit, which quickly highlights areas of opportunity to help increase sales and reduce costs.

In addition, we’ve created a bespoke Amazon dashboard, Amazon One, which turns the myriad of data Amazon provides into meaningful business insight.  Need this for other Marketplaces around the Globe?  Just let us know.

If you need a tool to help you place, manage, analyze and sell products, our bGenius multi-channel tool works with most of the major Marketplaces, media networks and feed providers around the world.

Whatever your platforms of choice are, Reprise Commerce can help you improve the quality of campaign management, automatically generate search ads across your entire catalog, elevate synonyms and keywords into product content that users most frequently search, and increase efficiencies in your display ad buys.

Direct To Consumer SEO.

We can help you design and build great D2C sites, but just as importantly, we can help make sure what you have already is optimized for discovery and conversion. So whether you need an SEO health check, a backlink audit, detailed keyword research or just an organic search landscape analysis we have both the tools and talent to deliver.

If it’s more general site health stats you need then our URL monitor is the solution, with instant alerts for status code errors to redirect changes, as well as understanding unexpected changes to specific pages.

Just want access to the industries best SEO tool kit?  We can make that happen too.

Balancing Paid & Owned Search.

Our Paid Search tools allow us to track who is bidding on what keywords and when – 24/7.  This gives us unparalleled insight into the competitive marketplace and helps optimize our bidding and day-parting strategy.

But what really sets us apart is our Equilibrium tool, which automatically adjusts paid bids based on natural search rankings.  The tool typically saves our clients 5-10% of their paid media spend, which of course can be re-invested to maximize sales.

Social Commerce Tools.

Reviews are a crucial part of commerce, whether on a social platform, marketplace or eRetailer.

While sentiment analysis can help give you an idea of whether a product is getting generally positive or negative reviews, the real power comes from understanding what product attributes are driving that sentiment.

For example, if we can tell you that across the thousands of reviews analyzed the main attributes that were negative with your new phone were the charger, screen in daylight and camera you’d have true insight.

That’s exactly what our sentiment tool does.

Commerce Content Creation.

On-site content is crucial for effective SEO and conversion, unfortunately, it’s time consuming and costly to do it well.  Whether you need thousands of product pages, destination guides, meta-descriptions or content snippets our Transcribe tool can handle the heavy lifting. It’s powered by our own proprietary AI technology, and while human editing is still recommended, our data tells us we can still save 70-80% of the man hours.


Strategic Content Optimization.

To fully maximize the value of onsite content it’s critical to ensure it’s as optimized for search engines as it is for humans. Our Content Optimization Tool takes the subjectivity out of reviewing the effectiveness of content, whether that’s PDP’s or D2C pages. Crucially it can also perform the task at scale, providing a detailed set of recommendations in a matter of minutes for thousands of pages.

Media Partnerships

Our Partners.

While we’ve invested heavily in our own toolset we only do so when we see a gap in the market. If a partner has the right solution for our client needs we’ll always recommend it ahead of our own.  In addition, for the partners listed below, our terms include preferential rates and added value services like early access to beta’s.

Our Tech Partners.

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