Social Commerce has altered the way that consumers buy products online.

Whilst social media apps remain places of entertainment and discovery, the rise of shoppability has enabled users to move seamlessly from browsing to purchase. At Reprise Commerce, we connect these everyday scrolling moments with shoppable experiences to drive immediate and trackable sales.

But the Social Commerce landscape is complex.

This can make it difficult for brands to know where to invest their time, budget, and resource.

  • Challenger platforms are regularly emerging
  • Platform usage differs greatly by market
  • New shoppable formats continue to be released
  • Privacy and responsibility concerns require brands to stay ahead of the curve

At Reprise Commerce we combine data and technology with craft expertise to navigate the Social Commerce landscape.

We navigate the Social Commerce landscape and identify the best route to revenue growth through social. Whether your transactions occur via your DTC site, via an eRetail partner or within the social platforms themselves.

We build bespoke solutions.

Our integrated teams assess the entire ecosystem across media, content, experience and retail operations to deliver complete and impactful Social Commerce strategies.

Social Commerce is also fast paced. That’s why Reprise Commerce stays at the forefront of industry development and innovation – fuelled by our close partner relationships at a global and local level.

Our expert teams work closely with all major and emerging social platforms. This ensures our clients are adopting a test and learn approach and gain first access to BETAs.

  • Meta
  • Snap
  • TikTok
  • YouTube
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest

It also means we maximize both media efficiency and audience expansion opportunities across our services.

Social Commerce Consultancy.

Not all social media products are right for all brands. With your business goals in mind, our Social Commerce consultants build tailored solutions by assessing your performance against your competitor set.

Whether you’re just embarking on your Social Commerce journey or looking to take it to the next level, we help brands gain a competitive edge.

Our services include elements such as:

  • Social Commerce Audits
  • Competitive Analysis & Social Listening
  • Partner & Platform Evaluation
  • Maturity Roadmaps
  • Activation guidelines
  • Measurement and analytics support

We create opportunities to connect customers with products we know they’ll love, driving revenue growth for our clients.

Shoppable Media.

To maximize the return on investment from our shoppable ads we connect audience and product data. We start by mapping detailed customer journeys based on shopping and behavioral signals. Using dynamic content optimization, we then match users with the products they’re most likely to purchase. This goes beyond static product ads.

By combining entertaining video content with shoppable overlays, we collapse the purchase journey and move customers from engagement to conversion with a single click. This enables brands to reach new customers and drive business growth.

For brands who sell via eRetail partners, the process can often feel more complicated. But Reprise Commerce leverage the best of first- and third-party technology to drive traffic to the most relevant retailer and track performance through to sale.

Social Shops.

The lines between social media apps and eCommerce platforms have blurred. Today, native social media stores allow users to browse products, explore PDPs and even checkout within platform. Without well optimized shops in the places where customers are browsing, your brand could be losing out on potential sales. Reprise Commerce manage your social media shops from end-to-end. From feed management, catalog setup, store creation and ongoing optimization. We ensure your social media shopping experience reflects the high quality of your DTC website.

Live Shopping.

Live Shopping is an embedded practice in markets like China and we are slowly seeing the trend take off in the West. However, purchase habits and social media behaviors differ significantly by region. That’s why our live shopping strategies start by analyzing your market and competitive landscape to understand how it should be best approached for your brand. From creating your own live shopping hub on your DTC site, to running live shopping streams on eRetail partners such as Amazon, or even simply hosting influencer led shopping streams on social platforms themselves. We find the right route for your brand and take care of the process from concept to deployment.

Influencer Commerce.

Influencers have been at the heart social media marketing for years. But once measured on metrics such as reach and engagement, today brands should expect to see an ROI from their influencer activity. That’s why we embed sales metrics at each step in our influencer process. This enables us to find the right partners based not only on their potential reach, but on their actual value to your business. This provides brands with an opportunity to turn highly engaged communities into customers.

AR Commerce.

Augmented reality is underutilised by brands in the lower funnel. Whilst many have created lenses across social platforms to drive entertainment and engagement, few have ventured into the use of AR for commerce. Yet AR has been shown to play an influential role in making purchase decisions.

Consumers are already using AR in shopping journeys to:

  • Help them better understand products
  • Try on various items
  • Create in store shopping experiences, any time, any place

Not only can this encourage users to make more purchases online, but it also minimizes returns since customers have a better understanding of how a product will look before hitting purchase.

Driven by our close partnership with Snap, we enable brands to utilize AR to achieve their commerce goals.

We do this through:

  • Integrating AR functionality on your DTC site
  • Creating always on AR try on experiences
  • Optimizing lens ads for conversion

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