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Media is at the heart of global commerce operations and is embedded in our DNA. Discover how advertising and paid search can drive your Commerce strategy forward by taking advantage of retail media opportunities with Reprise Commerce.

Talent That Drives Outperformance.

From media networks and marketplace management to Amazon commerce, we’ve built a deep bench of talent, with vast experience across multiple disciplines, categories, and brands. 

  • Audience-building Tactics 
  • Retailer-agnostic Activation 
  • Hands-on Keyboard Optimization 
  • Discount Rate Negotiation 
  • Competitive Insight Tracking 
Our Process of

Effective Planning & Flawless Execution.

OBJECTiV – Our unique eCommerce auditing process offers granular insights and opportunities to help with budget prioritization. It allows you to gain leverage and negotiate more added value in your joint business plan (JBP) discussions, many times enabling incremental beta opportunities.  

FULL-FUNNEL APPROACH – We measure the consumer’s digital commerce journey beyond the marketing-mix model (MMM) bringing together metrics from retailers, media, and our own internal measures.  

MEDIA BRIEFING FLOOR – Instead of committing the full media budget to all the retailers in the JBPs, we work with brands to negotiate a lower total amount with each retailer and hold back a portion of the total budget. With this incremental funding, we brief all retailers for certain tentpole events and create an incentive for them to bring new betas, added value media and other opportunities that they may not have considered previously.

TACTICAL STRATEGIC APPROACH – Build strategies with customized activations across retail media network display and sponsored ads. Effectively break down silos between auto-pilot, impulse and loyal buyers. 

MEDIA PLAN EVALUATION PROCESS – Use our in-depth evaluation tools to push retail media networks to propose more effective media plans, based on historic performance. 

SELF-SERVICE ACTIVATION – Take advantage of our industry-leading account and bid management tools to activate robust keyword strategies with competitive insights which aren’t available from retailers. 

Proven Success.

For a major toy brand, we created a full-funnel eCommerce strategy with fluid funding. This project fueled consistent growth before and during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

  • $50MM increase in eCommerce media-driven sales 
  • +30% estimated increase in ad revenue per campaign 
  • 70+ total executed eCommerce programs 

Brand Stores.

To maximise visibility for your brand we recommend the creation of brand stores.  These pages act as a landing destination for media, allow you to highlight your best selling products, and enable cross-merchandising across your total product catalog.  In addition, if they are crafted by experts in SEO as well as design and copywriting, you’ll benefit from natural traffic from search engines. All these things together helps drive a higher number of items per basket and an increase in total revenue per sale.

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