DTC Site Design, Build, & Optimization.

If you are aiming to become a DTC first business, your website needs to be best in class. If the experience is not as good as the Marketplaces or eRetailers that also sell your products, or ones similar to them, you cannot expect to get the same level of conversion of prospects into customers, or indeed to retain those you do covert.

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At Reprise Commerce, we focus just as much on converting traffic as we do on driving it. We can:  

  • designing and building a new DTC site.  
  • enhance what you have already.  
  • apply CRO techniques to reduce friction and maximize basket size.

If the experience is not as good as the Marketplaces and eRetailers that sell your products or similar ones, you cannot expect to get the same level of conversion from prospects into customers, or indeed the same level of retention. 

DTC Site Design & Build.

For end-to-end design and build, Reprise Commerce typically partners with one of our sister agencies, such as MRM, who can leverage their global relationships with Shopify, Big Commerce and Adobe, to name a few. Together, we will map out your target audience and then build a site that truly resonates and provides a frictionless experience. 

If your current site needs an overhaul, we can audit its effectiveness and then make recommendations to improve both conversion and basket size. We can implement those changes for you, or work with your preferred partner or inhouse team.  

We also have proprietary tools that track site health and provide real-time alerts of any issues that may cause friction – for example:  

  • an increase in server errors. 
  • deleted 301-redirects. 
  • increased load times etc.

DTC Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO).

Brands spend less money than they should on Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO).  

A small shift in conversion rates and/or basket size can have the same net effect of spending hundreds of thousands on media, yet because media is a ‘quick fix’, it is often the lever brands pull when they need to increase sales.    

Our CRO approach includes both human and technology-led initiatives, with a lasersharp focus on what different customer types are expecting. The tools and techniques we use are not unique: 

  • conversion journey mapping. 
  • A/B testing.
  • multivariate testing. 
  • focus groups. 
  • usability studies.

But the level of focus on differing audience types is.  

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Managed Services

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Our DTC Agency services.

Reprise Commerce can help maximize your DTC returns throughout the customer journey, from identifying who your target customers are, driving relevant traffic to your site, ensuring that traffic converts and continues to engage after that initial conversion and even helping with profitability by working with your retail operations team.

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