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In this article AI has become central to marketing practices AI drives stronger performance But marketers still have an important role to play Simplifying the benefits of product feeds  Reprise Commerce have an end-to-end Feed Tool Suite How do I get started with feeds? 

The online world is increasingly driven by algorithms and artificial intelligence, but until recently the general public was unaware of just how far AI technology has come. That all changed with the viral release ChatGPT, which found its way into countless articles and tweets, prompting speculation and future-gazing on the potential for AI to overhaul entire industries.

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AI has become central to marketing practices

Within digital marketing and commerce, however, AI has been prevalent for some time. Marketers have long been utilizing AI to automate tasks, from customer interactions to data integration and customer journey personalization.

Tech leaders like Google and Meta have also embedded AI into their marketing products, and both brands and agencies have become accustomed to using this tech in campaigns to:

  • Show ads to the right people at the right time to generate sales, removing the need for daily bid changes at a keyword or placement level.
  • Automate the campaign setup process from end to end, creating 1000s of ad variations.

AI drives stronger performance

When platforms began to roll out these types of campaigns, they were met with hesitation.

Now, however, the industry is confident in the ability of algorithms to deliver and it’s clear that AI is impacting marketing for the better.

  • AI can save time spent on manual tasks, freeing up time to invest in strategy and innovation.
  • Algorithms can leverage big data for smarter decision making, beyond the capabilities or human-led optimization.
  • AI can create personalized content and experiences for users. Not only does this help to drive customer flow for brands, but it creates seamless and high-quality experiences for their customers.
  • AI drives better engagement and conversion rates to ultimately bolster revenue growth.

But marketers still have an important role to play

The growing prevalence of automation doesn’t mean that marketers and commerce professionals can sit back and leave the execution of campaigns entirely to AI.

Broad and limited data inputs lead to poor and untailored outputs, while robust and detailed data inputs lead to tailored, effective outputs.

Feeds, in this sense, can supercharge marketing efforts. A feed is a data file containing a list of products with key information, and when fed into algorithms they can influence smarter decision-making by providing them with rich and powerful data.

Simplifying the benefits of product feeds 

Feeds power a wealth of paid and organic formats:

  1. Shoppable content: Feeds connect engaging content with the ability to shop.
  2. Shoppable ads: It’s not uncommon today for someone to discover the perfect product via an ad that felt totally tailored to them. Ads like these are powered by a product feed.  
  3. Shoppable experiences: Feeds are responsible for surfacing the products contained within them. In fact, social shop PDP (Product Detail Page) content is automatically generated based on a brand’s feed data.  

Reprise Commerce have an end-to-end Feed Tool Suite

To unlock the power of feeds across digital marketing, we built our own end-to-end tool suite including three different modules:

  1. Feed Audit: Assess feed hygiene and quality at a platform level with commerce goals in mind.
  2. Feed Management: Optimize product feed data for each platform to supercharge performance of shoppable ads, content and experiences.
  3. Product Insights: Uncover product-level performance insights to fuel strategy and further feed optimization.

How do I get started with feeds? 

There’s a lot to unpack when it comes to feeds, and with so many platforms and products to consider, it can be hard to know where to start.

We recommend brands start with an audit to understand their status and give a benchmark for future potential.

Download a more in-depth, sharable guide to Feeds using the button below. To speak to one of our 350+ commerce experts about how we can help to perfect your feeds, please get in touch.

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