The APAC Online Shopper 2.0

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What we learned: the APAC Online Shopper 2.0 

In 2021, we revealed the results of our first APAC Online Shopper study, which aimed to uncover how the pandemic had shaped the Asia-Pacific region’s shopping habits.  

Much has changed since we released our first study, so we set about surveying 15,000 people across the APAC region in 14 key markets. We studied 18 categories, asking respondents 50 questions to build a detailed picture of the APAC retail landscape in 2022.  

On the 22nd of September, we hosted The APAC Online Shopper 2.0, a webinar dedicated to exploring the results.  

After the keynote presentation, we were joined by several experts for an engaging panel discussion. Thank you to all our panelists for their insights: 

Here’s a rundown of the event and its findings: 

The best is yet to come for eCommerce in APAC 

“There has never been a more exciting time in eCommerce” announces Pippa Berlocher, President of Reprise, APAC, “particularly in APAC.” It’s a bold statement from our webinar host to kick things off, but the statistics give it weight.  

Online retail sales in APAC are set to reach $5.5 trillion in 2022 and will grow 50% in the next 4 years, making it an incredibly attractive proposition for brands. A whopping 80% of consumers in the region are shopping online using their mobile phones, and social commerce is also growing at pace in the region with sales set to triple by 2025.  

APAC leads the way in social commerce and live commerce 

The APAC region continues to set the standard for both social commerce and live commerce shopping, with some eye-opening figures revealed by the study. When it comes to live commerce, APAC shoppers aren’t afraid of embracing new technology: 

  • 1 in 4 APAC shoppers have used live streaming while shopping online  
  • 32% of online shoppers have tried AR/VR when shopping online  
  • 50% of all online shoppers are familiar with the metaverse  

APAC shoppers are also increasingly turning to social commerce for better prices, product ranges and trusted brands. Our study showed that: 

  • 1 in 2 online shoppers have bought via social commerce 
  • 31.5% of online shoppers prefer social commerce as it is faster to navigate and make purchases 

5 key insights from the study 

Ritika Gupta Chawla, Reprise Commerce’s Regional E-commerce Director, APAC, presented the results of the survey in the keynote presentation. The study produced 5 key insights:  

  1. The APAC shopper is young, prosperous, and extremely careful. 
  2. The APAC shopper is mission-oriented and will buy everything from a pin to a piano online. 
  3. Marketplaces have become irreplaceable in APAC, but most offer functional benefits only. 
  4. True personalization is key to winning APAC shoppers. 
  5. Payment methods show a clear divide in APAC’s banking and financial services. 



Watch the webinar on-demand

We teamed up with Google to survey 15,000 consumers across the APAC region and bring you the results.

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