Snap announces launch of enterprise AR solution featuring virtual try-on.

Snap has announced the launch of ARES – Augmented Reality Enterprise Solution – a suite of solutions for businesses to offer advanced experiences across owned and operated channels. 

Snap’s first ARES product Shopper Suite provides product try-on, 3D and AR product visualization, size and fit recommendations, user discovery and engagement, and more – directly on merchants’ apps and websites. 

“Over the last decade, we’ve been hard at work bringing fun and personal AR experiences to Snapchatters. In the next decade, we’re excited to take our world-class AR technology to businesses’ websites, apps, and even into their physical locations,” said Jill Popelka, Head of AR Enterprise Services of Snap Inc.  

“We look forward to making the shopping experience more delightful for consumers and transforming businesses around the world with AR Enterprise Services.” 

The launch will help businesses to capitalize on Snap’s 250+ million daily users of its augmented reality solutions, whilst its Shopper Suite will offer brands the following services:  

  • Fit Finder: Helps shoppers to find the right size with AI driven recommendations that boost conversions and reduce returns. 
  • Clothing Try-On: A scalable virtual try-on experience for clothing. 
  • Eyewear and Footwear Try-On: Reduce the imagination gap with live try-on experiences for eyewear and footwear products directly from product detail pages. 
  • 3D Viewer: Helps shoppers to visualize products as if they are tangible, providing a more detailed and personalized way to experience a diverse range of products. 

Snap’s clothing try-on feature – along with its eyewear and footwear try-on services – are likely to prove a huge win for apparel businesses in the eCommerce space, as they begin to bridge the gap between the touch-and-feel experience of brick-and-mortar retail outlets and the convenience of digital shopping.  

The tech, which ‘accounts for the contours, shapes, and edges of a product, the shopper’s unique body type, and their unique environment’ may in future help to reduce eCommerce returns, by actively encouraging users to find their size online, rather than purchasing multiple items and returning those that don’t fit.  

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