Rogaine case study: Not just for men’s hair loss.

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Rogaine® has been a leader in hair regrowth since 1988. Owned by Johnson & Johnson, Rogaine’s active ingredient Minoxidil was FDA approved for OTC distribution in the mid-90s. In 2021, the global Minoxidil market value surpassed $1B USD.

The challenge

Facing issues such as COVID shutdowns, freight delays, and global tensions, many CPG brands around the world faced a supply chain crisis that resulted in inventory deficits. Rogaine was no exception. In Q1 2022, the brand encountered setbacks in production for their best-selling product: Men’s Rogaine Foam with 5% Minoxidil. While the solution version of Men’s Rogaine was still widely available, the best-selling foam had always been a favorite among consumers due to its easy, no-mess application.

At risk of losing market share and revenue, Reprise Commerce was tasked with driving revenue growth on behalf of Rogaine amidst a global shortage of their cornerstone product.

Our approach

Rogaine and Reprise Commerce chose to pivot their focus and eCommerce strategy to spotlight their available items: the Rogaine for Women collection. While Rogaine for Women contains the same active ingredients as the Men’s Rogaine, the women’s collection had historically sold at a lower volume.

At the same time, reports of hair loss among men and women following a positive COVID diagnosis began to rise. Searches related to “COVID hair loss” spiked on Google as did an interest in products containing Minoxidil.

Reprise Commerce reviewed which products in the Rogaine catalog had an abundance of inventory to support retail media initiatives and identified multiple Rogaine for Women SKUs that allowed for a long-term sell-through with a corresponding media push. Reprise also launched new campaigns and expanded pre-existing campaigns to drive revenue from Rogaine for Women product purchases.

Rogaine and Reprise Commerce worked together to implement a paid media strategy to drive sales for Rogaine for Women on Amazon. The execution included Sponsored Product, Sponsored Brand, and Sponsored Brand Video placements on Amazon’s owned & operated sites with keyword targeting for both branded and non-branded search terms.

The result

Ultimately, Reprise delivered unparalleled growth for the leaders in hair regrowth. Rogaine for Women experienced a 52% growth in total sales for Q2 2022 vs. Q2 2021. Amazon Advertising attributed revenue for Rogaine for Women jumped by 186% for the same period.

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Rogaine: Not just for men's hair loss

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