Retail media: the next big wave in advertising.

In addition to the recent events from our APAC and LATAM teams, Reprise Commerce Netherlands hosted a great event in September dedicated to an important retail trend for the region in 2023: retail media. The event featured speakers from Reprise Commerce, Albert Heijn (the largest supermarket in the Netherlands) and Amazon, providing unique perspectives on the uses of retail media and how to successfully incorporate it into your media mix.  

The event sought to answer which objectives retail media can help brands to accomplish, and how it should be incorporated into the media mix. Here’s what we found out:  

What is retail media and why is it important?  

Retail media encompasses any media displayed on a retailer’s website, one of their physical stores, or on the retailer’s channels such as social media. Real-world examples include digital screens in stores or in window displays, shopping cart flyers, shelf banners, and floor stickers. In the online space, brands can opt for sponsored products on the retailer’s website or places in newsletters.  

Some recent developments have generated a lot of attention for retail media and highlighted it as a potential growth area:  

  • Retailer websites are attracting more visitors than ever before, enhancing their reach.  
  • Phasing out of targeting based on 3rd party data due to new privacy legislation and the possibility to use 1st party data from retailers. 
  • Rising costs and declining profitability of deployment on Google and Meta point to the need to spread digital deployment across more platforms. 
  • Scarcity in the market for TV spots, due to declining viewing figures for linear TV, and with it the call for additional channels to generate reach. 

For Sander Kwint, Head of eCommerce at Reprise, retail media should not replace your brand’s current deployments or channels, but rather be viewed as another tool in your brand’s media mix.  

Retail media can serve various purposes, from increasing sales or profit by giving certain products more visibility to raising brand awareness via brand-safe positioning to increase reach. It can be a powerful standalone medium, but will perform best when utilized as a part of a cross-media campaign.  

To read more about retail media (article in Dutch) please visit:  

Frank Watching – How do you score with retail media in your media mix? 

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