Reprise hosts Campaign Performance Marketing 360 conference.

Natalie Williams, Reprise Digital’s eCommerce client partner, hosted the Campaign Performance Marketing 360 roundtable at the end of May. Along with marketers from Bacardi, Mooncup, Danetti, Papa Johns and Toast Ale, she discussed the current pluses and pitfalls in the world of eCommerce – drawing from experiences in real campaigns.  

Here are some of the insights from a recent write up from Campaign.  

Work with regulations, not against them 

From online advertising restrictions to the demise of third-party cookies, brands are facing big challenges in their online marketing.  

But rather than waiting for change to happen, marketers should meet it head on. For example, new regulations might stop you from promoting certain products or special offers. But what’s stopping you to tell a great story about your brand instead? This can help you create more meaningful relationships with customers, that extend beyond transactions.  

What’s more, as Natalie Williams noted, adapting to regulations before they come into force can help you stay ahead of the curve and create a healthier brand proposition than your competitors.  

Balance growth with authenticity 

When your engagement, sales and turnover skyrocket, it’s easy to lose sight of who you are. For Amanda Hollowey, who manages eCommerce marketing at Danetti, “it’s easy to get carried away when you’re seeing a 300% sales uplift in one month, and maybe forget about your customer experience and brand proposition.” 

Keeping true to your core brand values is as important as keeping sight of your marketing objectives. What’s more, brands shouldn’t aim to do too much at once. Toast Ale’s Louisa Ziane noted “we need to know which metrics and KPIs to focus on, without being side-tracked by trying to measure everything we don’t have the resources or capacity to do.” 

Look to Amazon for credentials and visibility 

Marketers at Mooncup and Bacardi both pointed towards Amazon to boost credibility and visibility. Amazon can be used as a research tool and a reviews site – helping customers check out your products before making a purchase.  

Review, search and data functionality all combine to create powerful visibility and audience insights for brands of all stripes – even those with products that aren’t traditionally sold online.  

The power of reviews 

Sticking to the subject of customer reviews, the panel later discussed the importance of relevant, recent testimonials. Marketers should spend time cleaning up those out-of-date and off-topic content. Don’t forget customer testimonials are powerful marketing tools in themselves – and not just online.  

Check out the full article on Campaign to find out more about how to master the world of eCommerce.

At Reprise Commerce, we’re experts in removing the obstacles between your customers and a conversion – and improving customer FLOW. Check out our blog to read more eCommerce insights, or get in touch today.  

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