NEOSTRATA® case study: Google Ads Performance Max campaign.

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The challenge

NEOSTRATA® is a boutique skincare brand within the Johnson & Johnson family. Operating a direct-to-consumer (DTC) business model with limited brand awareness and budget constraints, NEOSTRATA® needed a way to scale traffic and impressions more efficiently without sacrificing ROAS.

Our approach

We worked with the NEOSTRATA® team to launch a Johnson & Johnson pilot campaign utilizing Performance Max, which ‘allows advertisers to access new inventory, formats and audiences across all Google channels including YouTube, Search and Discover.’

We’ve also worked with our agency team at Google to include these performance metrics in a Think with Google piece, penned by David Mataranglo, CEO of Reprise US, which explains how NEOSTRATA pivoted to automation with Performance Max for increased efficiency and scalability.

Performance Max replaced the previously launched Standard Shopping (PLA) campaigns, providing automation to optimize Google and YouTube campaigns in real-time.

As the first Johnson & Johnson brand leveraging the Performance Max campaign type, NEOSTRATA® was able to leverage all Performance Max features to bring quality traffic to the NEOSTRATA® site. This includes an optimized shopping feed, regularly rotated ad copy & collateral, and a complete set of PMAX audience signals. ​

Reprise Commerce and NEOSTRATA® partnered with Google’s Agency and Account Management teams to implement campaign and creative best practices, ensuring the successful launch of Performance Max.​

The result

Performance Max launched in the NEOSTRATA® account on May 3rd, 2022 and through July 31st brought in a 91% increase in revenue at a 65% increase in spend compared to the period prior.

As a result, period-over-period efficiency increased by 16% for feed-based campaigns. Ultimately, the Performance Max campaigns allowed for scalable efficiency by targeting higher-value audiences across Google properties.​

  • +40% impressions
  • +264% clicks
  • +91% revenue
  • +85% conversions
  • -55% CPC

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Download the NEOSTRATA® case study


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