Johnson & Johnson Case Study: Breaking down siloes with an Amazon One strategy.

We offered Johnson & Johnson’s consumer brands a more complete picture of their Amazon eCommerce performance by leading on an ‘Amazon One’ strategy. Our visualization tool should help Johnson & Johnson to make more strategic and data-driven decisions. 

The client

Johnson & Johnson is a US healthcare giant, making a range of pharmaceuticals, consumer goods and medical devices. Its consumer health brands include Tylenol, Neutrogena and Listerine. The company employs more than 130,000 people globally. 

The challenge

Johnson & Johnson’s consumer brands division lacked a single source of analytics reporting. This meant that Amazon media and retail data were compiled separately. As a result, Johnson & Johnson was potentially missing out on optimizations across the full consumer funnel. 

Our task was to break down siloes using a holistic Amazon One approach, taking into account both media and organic contributions to first-party sales. The goal was to make better use of data to drive decision-making and advance strategic thinking within the company’s Amazon eCommerce strategy. 

What we did

We aimed to move Johnson & Johnson away from its existing method of working, which used a number of report variations. Our strategy covered the following: 

  • Pulling together three fragmented reports that were originally built as separate channel reports (search engine marketing, search engine optimization and retail media). 
  • Building a more actionable view, which broke these tactics out of their designated channels. 
  • Revisualizing and combining data to identify quick optimizations and increase the flow of funds between tactics. 

Developing a single Amazon One report brings the consumer experience to the front of strategic decision-making. It groups tactics together based on key consumer journey touchpoints (Trigger, Seek, Evaluate, Buy). The report also allows data to flow more freely between media, search, retail and the digital shelf. 

The results

With the help of our visualization tool, Johnson & Johnson can now make more strategic and data-driven decisions up and down the funnel. This applies to both media investment and retail/digital shelf tactics. 

Our Amazon One report has successfully challenged the status quo, ending the days of multiple reports that never connected the full Amazon eCommerce picture. Ultimately, it’s brought Johnson & Johnson’s data insights together, making them more actionable and holistic. 

Listerine and Zyrtec are among the consumer brands which have already benefited from optimizations.

Key lessons

  • Consolidating different report variations can boost efficiency and data flow. 
  • Metrics and data can play a big part in informing strategy and real-time decision-making. 
  • An Amazon One approach can support the entire consumer journey. 
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