Identifying PDP Blind Spots: The Power of Conversions.

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Welcome to part two of the Blind Spots trilogy, a series that examines shopper behavior and the road to commerce success through the lenses of traffic, conversions, and average order value (AOV) – the most significant drivers of commerce profitability.  

Part one paid close attention to the relationship between traffic and media and introduced the concept of audience blind spots – serendipitous shoppable moments that materialize outside of the traditional funnel model of shopper behavior.     

The rise of retail media in recent years has propelled retailers, and marketplaces, into greater prominence than ever in the world of commerce, collapsing the shopping journey and creating new blind spots for brands.  

However, it’s important to recognize that there are valuable spaces on both retailer and marketspace sites that brands can directly influence or optimize – PDPs and Brands Stores.   

These spaces allow brands to tell their unique story, and the most successful brands take great care to maximize these areas.   

So, having first focused on how they must rethink their view of the commerce funnel to discover their blind spots, this second installment turns its gaze to the point of conversion in an eCommerce journey – Product Detail Pages (PDPs).   

Brands often think about how to increase traffic to their PDPs, rather than focusing on converting the traffic they already have. This can lead to inefficiency, poor customer experiences, and an over-reliance on paid media.  

By optimizing PDPs, it’s possible to improve marketplace rankings, boost conversion rates, and ultimately increase sales.  

This second episode in the Blind Spots series will provide some helpful pointers to getting PDPs right, explained through Fluid Content; the Reprise Commerce framework for content best practice.  


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