Everywhere Commerce webinar roundup.

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As online shopping experiences and discovery methods become more advanced, the phrase everywhere commerce is becoming more relevant than ever, but what does it really mean?  

The answer might differ depending on who you ask, so to give you the whole picture we teamed up with Google to host a live-broadcast webinar discussing everywhere commerce from every angle, featuring special guests from Kimberly-Clark and Tommee Tippee.  

Thank you to Gemma Howley, Global Program Manager at Google, Christof Baer, Head of Kleenex® Brand Activation at Kimberly-Clark and James Bell, VP Global Consumer Experience at Tommee Tippee for their insights.  

From Reprise Commerce, we were joined by keynote speaker Sarah Barker, VP Global Commerce Solutions, Nicole Holt, VP Growth and Neilson Hall, Head of eCommerce EMEA.  

Here’s what we learned on the day… 

1.  Old habits die hard, but new ones are sticking around  

Our first keynote speaker, Gemma Howley, highlighted some behavioral changes as the catalyst for everywhere commerce. As the social constraints imposed by the pandemic have relaxed, many of us have returned to old habits such as shopping in stores, but some new trends have stuck around: 

  1. In the US three years ago, live shopping was more or less nascent but is now expected to hit $25bn by 2023 
  2. We’re also searching in new ways too, as voice speaker shopping usage is up 69% 
  3. VR shopping has been embraced by brands as disparate as IKEA demonstrating their sofas and Louis Vuitton helping customers to try on their luxury clothes.  

Shopping is now ever-present, and the traditional linear funnel has collapsed to be replaced by what Google is calling the messy middle. In this paradigm, any moment can become a shoppable moment, and brands must meet their customers’ expectations any time inspiration strikes, any way we they to shop and anywhere we want to get it.  

2. To succeed, brands need to be open, creative and share ideas  

Our second keynote session was delivered by Sarah Barker, who expanded on the idea that customers could be ready to shop anytime, anyplace when something appeals to their need state and brings forth their latent intent.  

For brands looking to drive revenue growth, it is vital that they identify who these users are and when these moments are likely to happen. To do so, brands must rethink siloed methods of working. Instead, they must lean into sharing ideas, testing them out, and being malleable with their budgets.  

This can be achieved through Reprise’s five-step process 

  1. Perform Need State Research 
  2. Facilitate Knowledge Transfers 
  3. Target Creatively 
  4. Use Fluid Budgets 
  5. Accelerate Growth! 

We’ll be releasing a whitepaper on this process in due course, so please check back soon.   

3. Brand-building isn’t dead, omnichannel experiences can contribute different things 

Christof Baer, Head of Kleenex® Brand Activation at Kimberly-Clark and James Bell, VP Global Consumer Experience at Tommee Tippee joined us for a panel discussion on everywhere commerce, which provided some excellent takeaways for brands.  

Christof Baer believes that brand-building should still be a primary consideration for any brand, as Kimberly-Clark’s research shows that people often search for products using brand names instead of the categories they sit within.  

For James Bell and Tommee Tippee: “Everywhere commerce for us is really about establishing amazing customer experiences at every single touchpoint, which enables customers to transact with us without any friction.”  

To watch the full panel discussion, including brilliant contributions from Gemma Howley and Sarah Barker, please fill out the form below. 



Watch the webinar on-demand

We’ve teamed up with Google, Kimberly-Clark, and Tommee Tippee to explore what 'everywhere commerce' really means, and how understanding the concept can translate to revenue growth for brands.

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