DECIEM case study: shopping slowly in Slowvember.

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DECIEM has built a global reputation as a status quo challenging, D2C beauty category disruptor who weaves innovation into every facet of their business.
Whether it be high quality product at affordable prices, their unconventional philosophy to Black Friday, or their approach to media – every aspect of their business has a thoughtful cross-channel strategic lens built in to drive optimal performance and customer satisfaction.

The challenge
Reprise Commerce was tasked with developing a robust and innovative region-specific media strategy designed to simultaneously increase awareness of DECIEM’s brand and products, their Anti-Black Friday “Shop Slowly” messaging and achieve an aggressive 20% YoY revenue growth target – without omnichannel purchasing functionality on Black Friday.

Our approach
As part of our go-to-market plan, we developed a plan to drive performance by factoring product demand and customer fulfillment timeline expectations.

  • Region-specific strategy and planning across Paid Media channels
  • Collaboration across Paid Media and eCommerce to drive optimal customer experience
  • Encouraging a slower, more mindful shopping experience with engaging creative
  • Strategic innovation at its core – testing new ad formats, channels and placements to drive action

The results
Paid Media, eCommerce demand and DECIEM fulfilment operated in perfect harmony and exceeded all revenue-based performance targets for the campaign, as well as:

  • +4.8pt and +8pt lift in Brand Favorability on Reddit and Snapchat
  • +3pt and +5.9 pt lift in Brand Awareness on Facebook and Instagram in key markets


Download the DECIEM case study


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