Can smart bundling boost Black Friday performance?

Some brands are altering their approach to discounts on Black Friday this season, according to a recent article in Campaign US featuring Reprise Commerce Global President, Glen Conybeare.

Amidst the ongoing cost-of-living crisis, consumers are likely to remain cautious about their discretionary spending over the Black Friday period, seeking out deals that service needs over wants.

This year the holiday discount period started earlier than ever before, following the addition of a second Prime Day, and with shopping events like Singles’ Day creeping into Western calendars, savvy shoppers have been incentivized to wait for the right deals to come along.

Brands could face a race to the bottom on price as a result, but Glen Conybeare notes an alternative route.

“It is really easy to lose money on Black Friday and never get it back.” Says Glen, “Smart bundling can turn a loss leader into something you actually make a profit from while still being a good discount for a consumer.”

Will Margaritis, SVP of Global Commerce Solutions at Reprise Commerce noted the importance of bundling in a recent article dedicated to Black Friday success.

“Creating a virtual bundle is easy to do and can greatly improve average order value (AOV). Brands should identify products with relevant adjacencies, bundle them together and create one product detail page (PDP) for them.”

For brands that are unable to offer discounts on flagship products, bundling can offer a route into the Black Friday frenzy. By pairing high-cost, non-discounted items with discounted ancillary products, customers may come away feeling they have found value for money.

Margaritis also offered several other tips for success on Black Friday, including:

  • Making use of a variety of Retail Media Networks (RMNs) beyond Amazon
  • Utilizing affiliates to gain visibility and reach the right consumers
  • Turning off media spending for non-discounted products
  • Making the most of Sponsored Display on Amazon

Glen Conybeare agreed that diversifying beyond search into display could help brands to escape high advertising costs this season.

Agile plans enable agencies to adjust spend if media isn’t performing as hoped, but buyers are also encouraging brands not to lose sight of retaining consumers after the holiday season has passed.

“Brands that really succeed will be the ones that are focusing as much if not more on how they are going to retain that bargain-hunting customer,” adds Conybeare.

To read more on Black Friday and recession fears, please visit the Campaign US article (paywall).

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