Amazon & Reprise Commerce team up to tackle commerce trends.

Amazon Ads and Reprise Commerce have partnered to reveal the latest online retail strategies and innovations in a piece entitled “Three Big Commerce Trends in 2022 Every Marketer Needs to Know. 

Co-authored by Amazon Senior Agency Development Managers Mark Grennan and Stephanie Lowther, along with Zach Weinberg, VP of eCommerce Strategy, Reprise Digital, the article also features insight from Glen Conybeare, Global President of Reprise Commerce; Will Margaritis, SVP of Global Commerce at Reprise Commerce; and Jonathan Rigby, Chief Strategy Officer, Reprise Digital. 

Beginning with how commerce experiences have been seeping into social media outlets, and online stores have expanded beyond transactions into “brand-enablement hubs,” the piece then touches upon Reprise’s philosophy of accelerating flow.   

That end-to-end process informs the first trend, “the new consumer journey and customer flow.” Users want friction points (like outdated pages) removed, and Reprise Commerce suggests analyzing the three pillars of content, media, and experience to identify issues and ensure flow. 

Understanding that factors like supply chain and fulfillment are just as important as marketing on the customer journey frames the second trend, “working toward operational excellence.” To provide more support to clients, agencies may want to develop an operations practice, take advantage of the Amazon Ads Certification Program to improve logistical skills, and build a team of retail experts to handle operational errors. 

To garner even more expertise, marketers should take advantage of the third trend, “leveraging Amazon Ads solutions,” through its E-commerce Acceleration Program (EAP). Reprise Commerce clients have expanded their capabilities while gaining exposure to products like Amazon Marketing Cloud and Amazon Attribution, leaving them well positioned in a new digital retail space. 

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